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08/31/2011 - Are Bar Owners Liable for Shootings?

With the impending lawsuit that was filed against bar owner George Kotsopoulos, the question arises of whom is responsible for the actions of patrons.

With the number of shootings that have happened at bars and nightclubs in Fort Wayne over the past couple years, this is almost certain to come up again, now that the first wrongful death suit has been filed.

We want to know what you're thinking. Is it the bar owners responsibility? Should you be able to sue anybody for actions that someone else acted out?

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Individuals are responsible for their own actions whether it be getting drunk and killing someone or pulling a trigger. Petition your state government to allow concealed carry in your restaurants and the shootings will be cut drastically. Bar owners should not be responsible ffor irresponsible patrons.

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September 04, 2011 by Alan

From one crook to another, the world goes around and around.

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August 31, 2011

Drunks continue to order cocktails. Servers/Bartenders are vowed to not over-serve. I believe each human being is responsible for their actions! How could I blame anybody for what I put in my mouth! "Buyer beware" or in this case Drunks beware!

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August 31, 2011 by Carol

Sue happy society.

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August 31, 2011 by greg

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